The People Who Make The Difference

John J. Cyran

Of Counsel

A graduate of Cornell University and Order of the Coif Recipient from University of Colorado Law School, John has practiced law in Colorado for over 25 years, as First Assistant Attorney General in charge of Colorado water matters for the State of Colorado Attorney General’s office, and in private practice for esteemed Colorado law firms. ¬†In that time, John has prevailed on multiple arguments before the Colorado Supreme Court, represented Colorado in multi-state litigation over the Colorado River, helped resolve statewide disputes between water users, oil and gas producers, and environmental interests, and litigated cases in all seven Colorado water Divisions. ¬†Moreover, as a former senior water attorney for the State, chief legal advisor to the State Engineer, and judicial officer for Water Division 1, John has developed the practical know-how to solve problems through cost-effective, common-sense solutions, whether that means talking to your neighbor, moving a ditch headgate, conferring with the water commissioner, lobbying a state official, or drafting new state-wide legislation.